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Dochka produces online docu-seriescreative documentaries arthouse features for international sales and distribution.


DOCHKA focuses on: 


-Framing Social issues from an empathetic perspective.

-Experimenting with hybrid narrative formats.

-Promoting projects with aesthetically challenging approaches.

-Creating sustainable production workflow processes.


In another hand, we provide a customized service for clients, creating the full marketing strategy for commercials and





-Marketing Strategy /Branding

-Executive production/Fundraising



-Coaching and technical consultancy

-Learning programmes/Workshops

-Budget analysis

We listen to your ideas.

We don't provide a fixed service.

We encourage a workflow model where the product is 100% customized.

You have the power of creating and defining the service you need.


Just let us know how do you see things.

few keywords can be enough for finding a concept to start working.


Get an appointment in our calendar and we will get back to you within one or two working days.



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  • Concept creation, brainstorm & good coffee

    40 min

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  • Get solved technical issues & create a workflow strategy

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