Our mission is making films to reflect the plurality of the world from an empathetic perspective.

We shape social topics though experimental narratives, assuming aesthetical challenges.

We're a group of compromised producers, artists and technicians, who believe that empowering positive-critical thinking is basic for a healthy society.

Everything we produce serves the pulse of these values.

We are helped out by local & international talents based in Berlin.

We are compromised with social and environmental causes.

As we find fairly important to get back the balance to the current situation.


What is Dochka?

Dochka in russian language means Daughter.
Doch, in the German language, is a conjunction used to deny a negation.

If we split the word into two, Doch and K., it sounds the same as Dochka, but means in Russian language "Daughter of K."

We're the denied daughter of K.

But who is K.?


It is known that Wassily Kandinsky had only one son, who died while he was still a child.


What if Kandinsky had an unknown daughter?

We searched for her here and there, until we figured out that his lost daughter is Dochka.

Dochka represents all the people influenced by his work and his vision.

Kandinsky was a visionary, an artist with no formal education, but full of love and comprehension for the world. In his writings & paintings, he was able to show the difference between external form and the inner purpose of any creation.

His life was dedicated to breaking superstitions around "what motivates art creation", helping several generations to reflect on the motivation behind creating, and keeping alive the constant search for freedom.

As good daughters, we want to keep this legacy going.